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Warranty Policy


  1. The products we distribute carry the original manufacturer’s warranty. Review and become familiar with the terms and requirements for any original manufacturer’s warranty.
  1. The products we sell cannot be covered by warranty unless they are installed by a licensed technician who is familiar with the products and their applications. If a licensed technician installs the product and deems it faulty, he or she must submit a statement to that effect along with the receipt/invoice of the product in order to validate a warranty claim.
  1. Many of the products we distribute involve high voltage electricity and combustibles; only skilled installers and licensed professionals should be allowed to place in service the products we sell. Safety is priority number one for us and we expect our customers to share our values in that regard.
  1. An installation performed by non-professional (non-licensed) personnel (or not under the supervision of a licensed professional) will void the manufacturer’s warranty.
  1. If the licensed installer (or installer under the supervision of a licensed professional) determines there is a defect in the product that does not allow it to function as it’s supposed to, the purchaser can then qualify for a warranty replacement as allowable under the manufacturer’s warranty. We do not provide any warranty coverage above and beyond the original manufacturer’s warranty i.e. any ancillary or indirect effects as a result of the original installation, including labor, are not covered by warranty.
  1. If upon inspection by the manufacturer the product is determined to be defective, the customer can then file for replacement at no cost to the customer.
  1. A defective product must be mailed back to us within 30 days of its receipt in order for us to honor a warranty claim. We will cover the shipping cost back to us, and back to the manufacturer for inspection. Please remember to include the original invoice and a statement from the licensed installer who either installed or supervised the installation.
  1. In addition, as per our privacy policy, do not email us any data concerning credit card information (type of card, numbers, expiration dates, or cvv numbers).
  1. If you have any questions in regard to this policy you may email us at:

We respond to all emails within 12-24 hours during normal business hours so this is the BEST way to reach us.

Last updated: 12/08/2014



  1. We aim to provide you with the quality products that you requested. If for any reason you order the wrong product, or it does not suit your particular application, you may return it unused (new in box), subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. However, the product cannot have been installed, nor show any signs of wear such as water damage, scratches, markings, or burnt electrical wires.  Certain products may have less than a 20% re-stocking fee based upon our vendor requirements; please ask us for details.

Thus, a determination must be made before any installation by a licensed technician whether the part in hand is the correct one for a particular application. You must return the unused item(s) in the original packaging sent to you by us or the manufacturer, whichever is the case, to include manuals, instructions and packing materials. We cannot be responsible for lost or damaged shipments- retain your tracking number for your records.

Again, if the product is used we cannot accept returns for refunds as our vendors (manufacturers) do not accept for credit used items from us.



  1. If you order from us and we don’t have the quantity in stock you need, or we cannot secure from our suppliers the quantity you need, and you have already been charged, we will immediately refund the amount for which merchandise we cannot supply you with on your order. Rest assured, our customers come first so we will address refunds of this type with the highest priority.

If you experience any other issues with your order, you may call us at:

(206) 403-1989

Our normal business hours are:

(9am- 4pm PST Mon-Fri)

Also, you may email us at:

We respond to all emails within 12-24 hours during normal business hours so this is the BEST way to reach us.


General instructions for handling and installing controllers and sensors

  1. Handle with care- Dropping or rough handling can cause damage and cause calibrated equipment to not function properly.
  2. Controllers and/or sensing devices should not be tampered with in any way and should be left in the original condition in which they are received.
  3. These sensing devices are calibrated and tested at the factory to provide long life and cannot be guaranteed by manufacturer or dealership if tampered with or altered in any way.
  4. As with any instruments, special care must be taken to assure that the device will meet the requirements of the user.
  5. Please note manufacturer label on gas detector stating model number and power requirements- “WARRANTY VOID IF REMOVED”
  6. Physically damaged items void that product’s return policy.
  7. Note to resellers: Our return policy is contingent upon following the instructions listed above and will therefore be considered on a case by case basis.
  8. The return of the product(s) must be within 30 days from the day your order was received.
  9. All returns must include original packaging to include all accessories and manuals.

Last updated: 01/29/2015