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Regin S210-100 Splintax Smoke Matches


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Product Description

Regin S210-100 Splintax smoke matches

  • Content: 100 matches plastic tub value pack
  • Smoke Colour: white
  • Smoke Volume: 30 cu ft
  • Burning time: 20 sec

Regin S210-100 Splintax smoke matches emitter is an ideal tool for air flow specialists, providing 30 cubic feet of clean, non-toxic white smoke. This easy to use smoke emitter has been successfully used for testing when there is a need for only a small amount of smoke. Practical uses include smoke detectors, chimney draft, appliance fumes, fume hoods, air flow patterns, special effects for photography and the list goes on. The particle size (.3-2.5 micron) in the smoke makes this unique product a tremendous tool for testing high efficiency air filters and other air purifying equipment. The Splintax smoke match provides 30 seconds of cool burning non-toxic smoke and self-extinguishing leaving behind no residue. These smoke emitters are also free of zinc and oil, will not drip or stain. The Splintax matches have a long shelf life, guaranteed for 3 years

Applications for Regin S210-100 Splintax smoke matches

  • Study make up and exhaust air systems, smoke stacks, chimneys etc.
  •  Leak testing of duct-work, pipelines, heat-exchanges, tanks etc. 
  • Air balancing from grills, draft in fume hoods, negative air pressure testing, equipment testing, 
  • HEPA filter testing, smoke alarms, fire drills, film and photography and much more.
  • Smoke-Match 20 Sec 30 Cubic Ft, tub of 100 pcs. 
  • Wear and Humidity resistant package


S210-25 20 Sec 30 Cubic Ft, tub of 25 pcs.Wear and Humidity resistant package.……….Value Pack……….

1 gr Smoke Match  $10.00
S210-100  20 Sec 30 Cubic Ft,tub of 100 pcs.  Wear and Humidity resistant package.……….Value Pack………. 1 gr Smoke Match  $39.00
S220S221 Continuous streaming, 30 Min each wick.RE-fill 6 wicks for Smoke-Penâ„¢ Smoke-Pens 3 hours of continuous smoke or 360 individual 30 second tests. $39.00$29.00

Regin Smoke Products Cartridges and Emitters are ISO 14001 Certified.

Regin Smoke Products Cartridges and Emitters are MSDS Classified.

WARNING:  Regin Smoke Products Cartridges and Emitters  are poisonous to swallow, they are to be kept away from children and animals. Do not use smoke emitters near flammable materials, gas, etc.

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