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Neptronic T Series control Actuators 180 (20 Nm)



Product Description

These quarter turn actuators may be directly coupled to either a 3/4 inch round or 5/8 inch square jack shaft or remotely mounted using an adaptor kit. All actuators are bi-directional. Enerdrive actuators are also bi-directional under fail safe conditions. The stroke may be limited to less than 90° mechanically in digital models (with SLD sold separately) and electronically in Multi Signal models.

PRIMARY Uses: medium size air handler dampers, 1/4 turn valves.


• Clutch for manual adjustments.

• Maintenance free.

• Position indicator.

• Fail safe by Enerdrive System1 (on model 060 & 080).

• Auxiliary switches (on model 020 & 080)

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