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Sentech SSG-MCD Fire Suppression Monitor

Product Description

Sentech SSG-MCD Fire Suppression Monitor

(Sentech SSG-MCD Suppression Monitor System Guard (Replaces the SSG Supression System Guard Monitors).

Sentech SSG-MCD Fire Suppression Monitor, infrared monitors are advanced multi-point refrigerant detection systems. It is designed for highly reliable performance with the flexibility to satisfy a wide range of continuous monitoring applications. Sentech SSG-MCD Fire Suppression Monitor offers a choice of 1, 4, 8, or 16 zone detection point capability from a single field-programmable self-contained metal enclosure.  Sentech SSG-MCD Fire Suppression Monitor utilizes NDIR (Non-dispersive infrared) and pyro-electric (absorptive sensing) technology. Each zone (detection location) is capable of monitoring and responding to any one of 22 refrigerants from a standard library via keypad entry.  Sentech SSG-MCD Fire Suppression Monitor is very expandable, offering users the flexibility to change configurations or applications at a later date.

Sentech SSG-MCD Fire Suppression Monitor description;

  • One, Four, Eight, and Sixteen Zone Infrared Monitors.
  • Three alarm levels w/ Sampling points up to 250 ft (500 ft coverage).
  • Three relays, each w/ four (4) Form C Contact Outputs rated at 5 amps (for alarms and fan relay activation).
  • Standard 0 to 10 volt analog output (An optional 4-20ma output is available)
  • Steel NEMA 1 Type Enclosure (NEMA 4 optional).
  • Four line LCD digital display with keyboard for setup and operator interface
  • Setup function is password protected.
  • Sentech SSG-MCD Fire Suppression Monitor is key-lock protected to prevent unauthorized access to electronics
  • Listed by ETL and conforms to UL STD 3101-1 and CAN/CSA No. 1010.1 specifications.
  • Meets the requirements of ASHRAE Standard 15.
  • Sentech SSG-MCD Fire Suppression Monitor is factory Calibrated—Automatic Electronic Re-Zeroing occurs after every air sample has been tested—No gas calibration with this model (Kit is required).
  • Delivery Time 2-4 weeks (16 zone—8 weeks).

Options for  Sentech SSG-MCD Fire Suppression Monitor;

  • 4-20ma Analog Output (Option for controls system)
  • Individual Zone Alarm Output (1-8 per board)
  • Custom NEMA 4 Enclosure

4-20ma Analog Output

Individual Zone Alarm Output (1-8 per board)

Custom NEMA Enclosures

Serial data output (Specify RS 485 or RS232)

NEMA 4 Enclosure (Optional)

Four (4) Channel Analog Input



  • Horn Alarm (only).
  • Strobe Alarm (only).
  • Combination Horn/Strobe Alarm Kit (Clear lens).
  • 250ft Reel of 1/4″ O D Tubing.
  • Remote Audible Alarm Silent Switch.
  • Remote PPM Indicator w/ Audible Alarm Silent Switch.
  • External Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (single or split-phase).
  • Oxygen Deficiency with a single unit, without false alarms from other gases. LEAK WAIT. A leak wait period eliminates false alarms from transient events. FAILURE SENSING. Key system malfunctions are detected and alarmed. KEY LOCK. Prevents unauthorized tampering.

SSG Critical Environment Monitoring System Features;

  • Factory Mutual (FM) Approval Pending.
  • Detects Halon1301 and FM-200 Fire Suppression Agents.
  • Detects all halogen based refrigerants.
  • Compound type can be field changed without re-calibration.
  • Continuous digital display of system status.
  • Analog output for remote monitoring.
  • System malfunction detection and indication.
  • Visual alarm indication.
  • Sampling points can be located up to 250 feet (76 meters) from unit.
  • Fresh air inlet for automatic re-zeroing.
  • Individually adjusted alarm points for each gas type being monitored.
  • Multizone capability at a modest premium over single zone units.
SSG-MCD Models

SSG1: 1 Zone 3 Alarm levels
SSG4: 4 Zone 3 Alarm levels
SSG8: 8 Zone 3 Alarm levels
SSG16: 16 Zone 3 Alarm levels
SSG-MCD Custom Configuration

The SSG Monitors are advanced early warning loss detection and prevention monitoring systems designed specifically for fire suppression systems.

SenTech’s SSG models are cost effective, self-contained monitors of halogenated gases. They activate an alarm at a preset concentration that is programmed by the user. The Series includes single, four and eight zone models. SenTech’s unique built in leak wait period minimizes nuisance false alarms.

SenTech SSG monitors provide 24/7 protection. These systems are based on an advanced infrared technology that can detect multiple gas types at concentration levels as low as one part per million (PPM).

The SSG Monitoring System reduces the risk of accidental suppression agent discharges by continuously sampling the air for halogenated compounds. In critical environments, Halon and FM-200 discharges occur more frequently by accident than by fire. The primary cause of agent discharges is refrigerant leaks from supporting air conditioning systems. By installing a SenTech SSG Monitoring System, this costly scenario can be avoided. One SSG Monitoring System can sample up to 16 zones and can be field programmed for various refrigerants and types of agents providing the earliest warning leak detection available today.

The SSG Monitoring System can interface with existing suppression system panels to automatically abort a Halon discharge due to a refrigerant leak, thus preventing the costly replacement of agents.  SenTech’s SSG Monitoring System is a cost effective solution for preventing critical downtime, avoiding business disruptions and suppressing system equipment failures.

Technical Data


  • Sensitivity : as low as 1 PPM.
  • Weight : 32 lbs, (14.4 Kgs)
  • Power Requirements : 120/240 Volt 50/60 Hz.
  • Range : 0 to 1000 PPM.
  • Alarm Trip Points: Low Alarm 0 to 100% of Full Scale. Main Alarm 0 to 100% of Full Scale. High Alarm fixed at 100% of Full Scale.
  • Operating Environmental Range : 32o – 125o Fahrenheit, 0o – 50o Celsius.
  • Alarm Outputs : Indicator Light, 3 Alarm Relays with 4 Form C contacts (5 amps maximum each).


  • Remote transmitters: Oxygen & Toxic Gases.
  • Remote PPM indicator w/ Audible silent switch.
  • Strobe light, horn, strobe/horn combination.
  • Zone pickup tubing.

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