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Regin S105 (X) 60 gr Colored Smoke Cartridges


Model# S105 (X) – 3-4 Min. 2,500 Cubic Ft, 5-Pack, 60 gr Smoke cartridge 

Product Description

Regin S105 (X) 60 gr Colored Smoke Emitters

Model# S105 (X) – 3-4 Min. 2,500 Cubic Ft, 5-Pack, 60 gr Smoke cartridges

Regin S105 (X) 60 gr Colored Smoke Industrial Cartridges Size 3-4 minute burn time, 2,500 Cubic Feet non-toxic smoke emitters. Smoke emitters provide an inexpensive method of generating swirling smoke. A great product for testing of high, medium, and low pressure duct-work systems and also for air balancing. The smoke emitted does not contain oil nor zinc and will not leave a heavy residue. It is non-toxic and has the same density as air, so that it is possible to observe true air movements without the complicating factor of having to allow for the natural rise or fall of the smoke.


  • 3-4 minute burn time
  • Produces 2,500 cubic feet of smoke
  • Dimensions: 62mm high x 32mm Ø
  • Red Smoke
  • Excellent method to visualize airflow patterns
  • Non-toxic smoke candles
  • Does not contain oil, zinc, rubber powder or naphthalene
  • Particle size is 0.3 to 2.5 microns
  • Cartridges are enclosed in environmentally friendly plastic housing with a humidity seal
  • 2 year shelf life
  • ISO 14001 Certified


  1. Place cartridge on non-flammable surface. A metal can or bucket with sand in the bottom is a great way to be safe.
    NOTE: maintain at least 1″ between cartridges when several are lit.
  2. Light open end with a flame from lighter, match etc.

Warning: Poisonous to swallow. To be kept away from children & animals. Do not use smoke emitters near flammable materials, gas etc.


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