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Regin S105 CL 60 gr Smoke Emitter, Pack of 5


Model #: S105 CL – 60 gr Smoke Emitter, 3-4 Min. 2,500 Cubic Ft, 5-Pack

Product Description

Regin S105 CL 60 gr Smoke Emitter

Clean Smoke with very low chloride content for tests in sensitive areas. 

Model #: S105 CL – 60 gr Smoke Emitter, 3-4 Min. 2,500 Cubic Ft, 5-Pack

Finally–a super low-chloride tracer smoke designed specifically for performing air flow tests in server rooms, computor labs and other areas containing sensitive electronics.    Regin CLEAN SMOKE is ideal for the air balancing industry, energy conservation and weatherization, for HVAC professionals, checking airflow through electrical cabinets and computor equipment, testing of smoke and fire prevention systems, pacakging systems, pharmacuetical production and special effects without the potentially damaging effects of chlorides.

Regin 60 gr Smoke Emitter 2,500 Cubic Ft, 5-Pack, CLEAN SMOKE particulates are dry and solid –leaving no oil residue typical of so many other smoke products. The smoke is white to light-grey in color, reflective, easily photographed and observed.  CLEAN SMOKE is the cleaner and greener tracer smoke that customers have been asking for.

     Specifications for Regin S105CL Clean Smoke Emitters

  • Content: 5 Smoke Cartridges
  • Smoke Color: White
  • Cartridge weight: 2.11 oz/cartridge
  • Size: 2.48″ long x 1.26″ diameter
  • Smoke Volume: 2500 cu ft.
  • Burning time: 180 to 240 seconds
  • Particle size: 0.3-2.5 microns.
  • Residue:  no residue, non-staining
  • Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase
  • Safe: non-toxic, shippable by air

REGIN Smoke Products are manufactured by BJORNAX AB in Sweden, one of the worlds largest manufacturers of smoke products for technical purposes.  With an increasing emphasis on environmental and safety issues, BJORNAX’s products are finding an ever-widening range of applications.  They include:

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