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Regin S104 CL low Chloride smoke emitter


Product Description

Regin S104 CL low Chloride smoke emitter

Clean Smoke with very low chloride content for tests in sensitive areas 18 gr Smoke cartridge comes 5 in a Pack 

Specifications for Regin  S104 CL low Chloride smoke emitter

  • Content: 5 Smoke Cartridges
  • Smoke Color: White
  • Cartridge weight: 0.634 oz/cartridge
  • Size: 2.48″ long x 0.708″ diameter
  • Smoke Volume: 1200 cu ft.
  • Burning time: 3 – 4  mins
  • Particle size: 0.3-2.5 microns.
  • Residue:  no residue, non-staining
  • Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase
  • Safe: non-toxic, shippable by air

Applications: Regin S104 CL low Chloride smoke emitter

  • Leak testing of duct-work, pipelines, heat-exchanges, tanks
  • Study make up and exhaust air systems, smoke stacks, chimneys
  • Air balancing in grills, drafts in fume hoods, negative air pressure testing, equipment testing
  • HEPA filter testing, smoke alarms, fire drills
  • Film, photography, and much more.

Produce clean, nontoxic, oil-free smoke to quickly find air-flow leaks in heat exchangers, air ducts, chimneys, tanks, boilers, and piping. Won’t stain clothing or building interiors. Contain no explosives. Also used for fire drills and to test smoke alarms/detectors.

Smoke emitters provide an inexpensive method of generating swirling smoke. A great product for testing of high, medium, and low pressure duct-work systems and also for air balancing. The smoke emitted does not contain oil nor zinc and will not leave any residue. The particle size is 0.3 to 2.5 microns making it ideal to check HEPA filters. The smoke cartridges produce a generous amount of smoke, which is emitted at a constant rate to help with the identification of flow patterns.

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Other Regin Products

REGIN Smoke Products are manufactured by BJORNAX AB in Sweden, one of the worlds largest manufacturers of smoke products for technical purposes. With an increasing emphasis on environmental and safety issues, BJORNAX's products are finding an ever-widening range of applications.


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