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Regin Reusable Carbon Monoxide (CO) Bump Tester


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Regin Reusable Carbon Monoxide (CO) Bump Tester Kit

The Regin Bump Tester produces the right amount of carbon monoxide when you need to do a Bump Test of any commercial CO detector.  This reusable Bump Tester reduces the cost to approximately 10 cents per test.  After lighting the CO-emitting wick, it takes less than 5 seconds for the Bump Tester to provide 800 – 1000 ppm of filtered carbon monoxide.  The Bump Tester is simple to use and can be shipped without any of the common Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) issues with the Department of Transportation (DOT).


  • CO-Adapter unit w/built-in filter
  • Smoke Pen w/6 replacement wicks.  (Wicks will provide 360 individual, 30 second tests.)

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CO Bump Tester, Refill Pack


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