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Refco TRACE-LOCATOR Electronic Leak Detector


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The leak detector for professional leak detection with trace gas 95/5 (95% nitrogen, 5% hydrogen), featuring the latest technology. The 95/5 trace gas is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, nonflammable and non-corrosive. The gas escapes at the leaky spot which then can easily be localized with the TRACE-LOCATOR. In addition, after evacuating the unit, the nitrogen in the trace gas binds with the possible remaining moisture. Additionally, during and after the leak detection, no environmentally harmful refrigerants will leak out. Due to the low density of hydrogen which is lighter than air, even minor leakages can be detected quickly.  By means of a colored pie chart, the large LCD display, always shows the latest data.  The TRACE-LOCATOR is delivered in a practical, rugged case.

Tech. Data

 Technical Data

Sensitivity: <5 ppm H2 (tracer gas)
Inspection Light: 6 white LED’s. Auto shutoff after 5 minutes
Sensor Life: 1000 hours with proper filter changes
Sensor Technology: Solid electrolyte semi-conductor
Response Time: Instantaneous
Sensitivity Levels: MAX <0.15 oz/yr (< 4 g/year) MED 0.25 oz/yr (7 g/year) MIN >0.5 oz/yr (> 14 g/year)
Display (5.2 cm): BTN LCD (black) with 10 segment color “pie graph” showing leak size. Backlight included
Mute Function: Silent mode- display shows leak indication
Power supply: 4 AA Alkaline or 4 AA NiMH Batteries
Battery Life: 2.5 hrs continuous (AA Alkaline) 4 hrs continuous (Rechargeable NiMH AA batteries)
Water protection: IP54. Housing incorporates “O ring” seal,  openings inside protected with foam
Certifications: Fulfills the limits of standard EN35422 The tracer gas conforms to article 6, paragraph 3 of the EU directive 2006/40/EG Pending SAE-J2970 certification
Warm up Time: approx. 30 seconds
Weight: 1lb. 3.4 oz
Probe length 17”
Length (body): 10”
Warranty: 2 years
Made in USA

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Weight 1.2125 lbs


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