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Refco REF-METER-OCTA Charging Scale



Product Description

Refco REF-METER-OCTA Chargin Scale

The REF-METER-OCTA incorporates all the excellent features of the REF-METER-OCTA. These include:

  • Remaining the most accurate and precise refrigerant charging scale available today.
  • Contains an easy to read LCD display, lightweight sturdy aluminium body, 220 pound capacity.
  • Rugged and programmable, can be calibrated in the field.
  • Carries built in memory with refrigerant tank capacity indicator.
  • Can weigh in pounds, ounces and grams.

Two new features include: 1)  The cable auto reel feature that attaches the hand held LCD display to the scale  and 2) An out sized platform for weighing larger refrigerant cylinders.

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