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Refco R5 Series Oil Filled Bellow Type Pressure Gauges


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Product Description

Refco R5 Series Class 1.0 Oil Filled Bellow Type and Dry Execution Pressure Gauges.

Fundamentals of a Bellow gauge – The best gauge you’ll ever have.

A metal bellow type gauge is very sensitive and therefore much more accurate than a standard bourdon tube gauge.

The main benefit of a bellow type gauge is that it is extremely accurate and highly over-pressure resistant.

The bellow gauge is accurate within 1% around the gauge face and can withstand up to 2.5 times over-pressurization without damage to the gauge.

A bourdon tube gauge would never withstand this type of over-pressurization.

Tech. Data

 Technical Data:

Type: Bellow Type Gauges, silicon oil filled
Housing: aluminum anodized body,
brass internal parts
Outside Diameter: 2 ¾” (68 mm) or 3 ¼” (80 mm)
Class: Class 1.0 accuracy
Connection: standard 1/8″ NPT bottom connection
Zero point adjustable
Pulse free

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Additional Information

Temperature Scales

R12/R22/R502, R410A/R134a/R22

Pressure Scales

Oil-Filled, Compound, Oil-Filled, Pressure


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