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Refco KM2 Standard Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges


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Product Description

General information

Standard Refrigerant Temperature Scales:
R12             =     R12/R22/R502
R22             =     R22/R134a/R404A
R134a         =     R134a/R404A/R507
R410A         =     R410A
R410A-FG    =     R410A/R134a/R22

Standard Pressure Scales:
R12, R22 and R134a gauges:
Low side 30″ vacuum up to 120 psi, retard protection to 350 psi
High side 0 psi up to 500 psi

R410A gauges:
Low side 30″ vacuum up to 500 psi

Tech. Data

Technical Data

Type: Bourdon Type
Housing: composite housing
Outside Diameter: 2 ¾” (68 mm)
Class: Class 1.6 accuracy
Connection: standard 1/8″ NPT bottom connection
Zero point adjustable
Pulse free

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Additional Information

Temperature Scales

R12/R22/R502, R22/R134a/R404A, R134a/R404A/R507

Pressure Scales

Compound, Pressure

Replacement Lens Cover

KM2-001 Replacement Lens Cover


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