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Refco BM Series Premium Sight Glass Four-Way Manifolds


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Product Description

Pressure Scale Guide

F-pressure scale in psi and temperature scale in degrees F Temperature scales:

R12 =R12/R22/R502
R22 =R22/R134a/R404A
R134a =R134a/R404A/R507
R410A =R410A
R410A-FG =R410A/R134a/R22

Technical Data

Technical Data

  • Charge and evacuate an A/C or refrigeration system without having to connect and disconnect hoses, saving time and money
  • All metal housing Class 1.6 bourdon tube gauges (M2), easy to read, zero point adjustable, pulse free and color-coded
  • Two piece, O-ring seal piston style valve
  • All hoses are high pressure, 870 psi working pressure, 3600 psi burst pressure

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Additional Information

Temperature Scales

R12/R22/R502, R22/R134a/R404A, R410A/R134a/R22

Included Hoses

None, 3' Set, 5' Set


Cardboard Box


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