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Neptronic R Series Actuators (360 inch lb) 40 Nm


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Neptronic R Series Actuators (360 inch lb) 40 Nm

Neptronic R Series Actuators (360 inch lb) 40 Nm,  low voltage.  These quarter turn actuators may be directly coupled to either a 3/4 inch round or 5/8 inch square jack shaft or remotely mounted using an adaptor kit. All actuators are bi-directional. Enerdrive actuators are also bi-directional under fail safe conditions. The stroke may be limited to less than 90° mechanically in digital models (with SLD sold separately) and electronically in Multi Signal models.

Applications: 1/4 turn valves, large size air handler dampers

Power Supply: 24Vac/30Vdc

Power Consumption: Peak at Start-up: 10VA to 40VA at 26Vac Depending upon the Model Operating at Full Load: 1OVA to 24VA at 26Vac Depending upon the Model

Wire Size: 8 AWG (0.8 mm2 ) Minimum

Electrical Connections: Two 7/8 in. (22.2 mm) Knock Outs, Screw Terminals

Control Signals:

Digital (RT):2 Wire or 3 Wire 2 Position and/or 3 Wire or 4 Wire 3 Point Floating Depending upon the Model Multi  Signal  (RM):

ANALOG: A) 2-10Vdc; or B) May be Externally Wired with a 500 Ohm Resistor which is Supplied for 4-20mA, Zero & Span Adjustable

PULSE WIDTH MODULATION:  Time  Base of  0.1 to 5 sec/20mS  Resolution or

0.1 to 25 sec/1OOmS Resolution Selected by Dip Switch Position

SWITCH 24Vac: Triac or Dry Contact, 40mA Max. Switching Current

SWITCH COMMON: NPN Transistor, SCR, Triac or Dry Contact 75mA Max. Switching Current DIGITAL:  3 Wire 2 Position or 4 Wire 3 Point  Floating

 Torque: 360 (40 Nm) at Rated Voltage

Direction & Time of Rotation: Reversible, 40 to 50 sec or 60 to 85 sec, 0-360 (0-40 Nm) Depending upon the Model

Ambient Temperature: 0°F to +122°F  (-18°C to +50°C)

Feedback Potentiometer:

  • In Digital (RTXX5): Voltage (0-12Vdc max)
  • In Multi Signal (RM): 4-20mA Output (May be wired for a 2-10Vdc signal)

 Fail Safe (Enerdrive) Rating: Models Ending in 60, 65, 80, 60N or SON: 360 (40 Nm)

Enerdrive Response Time: 60 to 85 sec closure through 90°, 0-360 (0-40  Nm)

 Auxiliary Switches: Models Ending in 20, 80, 20N or SON: 2 Mechanical Switches, Fixed at 10° & 80°

Auxiliary Switch Rating: 5 Amp Resistive, 250Vac

 Electronic Enclosure:

  • Flammability rating UL94-5V
  • Option W: IP65 equivalent to Nema type 4 enclosure with special protection against chemicals

PDFNEP actuator selection guide

PDFData Sheet TBT-RBT NEP.pdf

PDFR Series Actuators Spec

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