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Neptronic RT360 Actuator 360 40 Nm


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Product Description

RT360 – 360 (40 Nm) Torque Actuator. 60-85 Seconds Rotation. No Feedback. 2 Position or 3 Point Floating Control. 120 VAC or 240 VAC Power Required. With Enerdrive failsafe system.

These R Series quarter turn actuators may be directly coupled to either a 3/4 inch round or 5/8 inch square jack shaft or remotely mounted using an adaptor kit. All actuators are bi-directional. Enerdrive actuators are also bi-directional under fail safe conditions. The stroke may be limited to less than 90° mechanically in digital models (with SLD sold separately) and electronically in Multi Signal models.

Primary uses: large size air handlers, 1/4 turn valves.

Power Supply: 24Vac/30Vdc

Power Consumption: Peak at Start-up: 10VA to 40VA at 26Vac Depending upon the Model

Wire Size: Operating at Full Load: 10VA to 24VA at 26Vac Depending upon the Model

Electrical Connections: 18 AWG (0.8 mm2 ) Minimum Two 7/8 in. (22.2 mm) Knock Outs, Screw Terminals

PDFData Sheet TBT-RBT NEP.pdf

PDFNEP actuator selection guide

PDFR Series Actuators Spec

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