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Airtest TR9399-WIFI Dew Point & Temperature Sensor

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Product Description

Airtest TR9399-wifi Dew Point & Temperature Sensors

Key Features:

  • Ideal for permanent (wall mount), temporary or walk- through monitoring.
  • Battery provides 3-year operating life on 2 AA batteries. Also can use 5-24VAC/VDC line power.
  • On-board data logger can log up to 3,072 points.
  • Up to 200 WiFi transmitters can easily be integrated into wired BACnetâ„¢ IP, Modbus or SNMP networks using an inexpensive 3rd party gateway.
  • Data easily routed to any Internet device or to an optional cloud database service (SQL database compatible) to allow data to be viewed on any computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Configurable alarm function with audible, visual, email and text alarm indication (Ideal for LEED monitoring).
  • Easily configured via a USB plug-in PC interface.
  • User adjustable intervals for logging and transmitting.
  • Zero maintenance self-calibrating CO2 sensor.
  • “Commissioning Friendly” design supports accurate and simple in-field calibration verification or adjustment.

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TR9399-wifi, TR9399-zigbee


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