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Mission Statement

HVAC Energy Products Inc. exists for the dual main purposes of meeting your needs and giving you the most competitive price possible on every product we carry.  We are an international distributor of HVAC preferred devices, operating since 1982.

Technology is useful solely to the degree it can improve living standards for people and their environment over the long term.  Why purchase anything that doesn’t do that?

With this belief, our goals are to conserve time, save our end users energy and money for the long term, and eliminate worries for the installer as well.  To achieve this we supply nothing more or less than the highest quality engineered HVAC/R products in the industry.  We choose to carry ONLY high quality products, which we have expertise in and are continuously refining our product lines to keep up with the quality standards.  All of our products are manufactured in Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Canada or the United States.  If ever, you are disappointed in the quality of any product you purchase from us, please let us know as we will reconsider carrying it.  If absolute engineering quality is maintained and our customers are left without worry, then our goal is accomplished.

Energy Regulations and Standards

Locating the correct product application for your project and adhering to proper regulatory codes at every level of government is part of our responsibility to our customers.  Several products we carry qualify for tax credits based on environmental policies and those shall be publicized more increasingly as laws change at the municipal, state and federal levels.

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HVAC Energy Products Inc. is an international distributor of HVAC preferred devices.  We have specialized in energy saving devices for commercial buildings and have been providing quality products and services for 32 years. HVAC Energy Saving Products Inc. was originally founded as Global Controls, Inc. in 1983 by Bernt Blomgren who came from Stockholm, Sweden where he was Branch Manager for major controls manufacturer Geamatic AB.  Over the years the company has provided products and services for major companies such as Siemens Building Technologies, Bank of America, Seattle-Tacoma Airport, The Boeing Company, Microsoft Corporation, Kaiser Corporation, and many school districts around the country including the Seattle School District.  The company has grown to a turnover of two and a half million dollars a year.  Our corporate office is located in Seattle, Washington.

About our Customers

We are focused on saving energy, time and money for contracting companies and consulting engineers, however we will also gladly serve any end users who need our help.  Part of our job is to help contractors go from design to reality. Technical support with 30 plus years of experience handling our products, helps our customers do that. Our team of customer service agents are always there to provide accurate price, availability and shipment times.  Our shipping crew ships the products out usually on the same day or next day at the very latest. Since the HVAC/R industry is diverse and occasionally challenging, we take great joy in finding exactly what our customers need whether they can provide just a basic idea of their application, have actual specifications, or have the make or model numbers in hand. Our products will adapt to support people friendly building designs which are optimized for efficiency as well as performance.  As a reminder, we WILL NOT carry any products of low grade design or fabrication.  This policy allows us to reduce returns greatly, as customers most usually get what they need.